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Svobodný statek na soutoku was founded by its mother NGO Camphill České Kopisty. Camphill is a name for homes where people with ordinary and special needs live together. The first one appeared in 1939 and there are more than 100 all over the world nowadays. It is based on anthroposophy and Rudolf Steiner's ideas. It also includes biological dynamic agriculture which is the specialization of the farm and the reason why it has gained its own formal subjecivity in 2012.

There are five basic objectives

  1. to heal the countryside, the society and the role of a farmer in it
  2. to shape the farm on the principles of the bio-dynamic agriculture
  3. to provide a space for working, learning and social meeting of the people
  4. to act and to create with the sense of beauty and truth
  5. to keep alive the work of Rudolf Steiner and Karl König and agricultural legacy of Eugen Kraus

Besides we are engaged in the following publicly beneficial acitivities:

  • promotion and practice of the bio-dynamic agriculture and supporting of the ecological and the other alternative kinds of agriculture
  • support of the self-sufficiency for camphill, socal business and variously handicapped people in the camphill community
  • developement of the handicraft and art work
  • running the business in B2B and B2C market in an eco-friendly and sustainable way and prefer cooperation to competition
  • organizing of the educational and practical seminars for children, youth and adults; voluntary programmes and international cooperation to provide an opportunity to connect the people and the alternative ways of thinking and living

We are one of the biggest organic farms in Czech republic and supply the main healthy food producers. We also offer vegetable boxes for the end customers and currently launch our own community supported agriculture. Fore more information please contact us at